Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Deathmatch coming to HL2 *UPDATED*

A post by Valve's Adrian Finol, on the forums, indicates Valve will be adding DM to HL2 soon.

Update: Half Life 2: Deathmatch in now available through Steam :)

Friday, November 26, 2004

Ahhhh, Half Life 2

I bought HL2 the day it came out, over a week ago, and I haven't even tried to play it yet. I did try Counter Strike: Source today, and it was pretty fun. The graphics were nice, but the game still seemed behind the times. No scope or iron sights on most of the weapons, just the cheesy zoom. No lean or prone. Not enough menu options, Valve could learn from Epic how to do menu options right. And I'm not a fan of buy systems for weapons, but CS:S is the most balanced buy system I've tried. CS:S is supposed to be the MP component of HL2, but HL2 does have its own MP code. You would normally have to use console commands to access it, but justbi0 combined some mods from other people into a nice package giving you menu options and a server browser. There are no servers listed, and the maps suck, but it's worth a shot. Find other HL2 mods at

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Half Life 2 is GOLD!

No, really! Vivendi has even announced a release date, or as they call it, "a planned retail street date of November 16th, 2004." In other HL2 news, ClanBase has closed down their CS:S ladders do to built-in cheats and unfair gameplay, with no way to stop it. I really hope Valve uses Punkbuster, Valve's in-house cheat detection just isn't good enough. November 16th is also the release date of Eminem's new album, now I know how to spend those two Best Buy Bucks I got from McDonald's.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

DOOM 3 SDK is out

So now you can make things... and stuff. From It's only 10MB.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Men of Valor MP Demo

The MoV MP demo is out, it's really nothing special. If your CPU is below 1.3GHz it won't even load them game, which is complete BS. My 1.2GHz (Dual) Athlon MP can certainly hold its own against a 1.4GHz P4 any day. To get around that arbitrary rule, add -CPUSPEED=1400 to the end for the Target field of the shortcut properties. I was able to play at 1280x1024 at the highest detail the demo allowed, without even a jitter.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Updates and demos

The DOOM 3 1.1 patch is out, you can grab it at FileFront. It's pretty much the same as 1.05 beta. The SDK is not included. If you don't have DOOM 3 yet, try the demo.

There are lots of new UT2004 files, including new demos for PC, Mac and Linux. And an Editor's Choice Bonus Pack from Epic, it has 4 new maps, 3 new vehicles, and 6 new characters. You'll need the 3323 patch to use it.

An MP Demo for Tribes: Vengeance has been release. It's not my cup of tea, but many people are big Tribes fans. It's only 472MB :)

The latest in Futuremark's bi-annual series of "I need a new computer" benchmarks is out. You can get 3DMark05 from FileFront.

You may be wondering why I link to FileFront. Well, even with the short wait they sometimes have, I still find it the fastest place to get game files. They can always max out my 3Mb connection.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

DOOM 3 1.05 Beta Patch is out

An unsupported beta of the DOOM 3 1.05 patch has been released by id. It includes improved widescreen support, and a bunch of tweaks/fixes, mostly multiplayer. According to Robert Duffy's .plan the final version of 1.05 will include the SDK(Software Developers Kit), and a future version will include PunkBuster anti-cheat software. He also mentions the DOOM 3 demo is coming soon... who doesn't have DOOM 3 yet?
The beta patch is only 17.3MB, you can grab it from:

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Doom 3 Tips

To benchmark Doom 3 use the command timedemo demo1 from the console(~). See the previous post for accessing the console.

Some people claim increasing image_cacheMegs to 96, 128 or even 256 makes the game run smoother. Benchmarking with demo1 shows no difference for me. So what's it do? "maximum MB set aside for temporary loading of full-sized precompressed images"

If you want to increase the maximum players on your server above 4, add +set si_maxPlayers "x" to the shortcuts target line, where x is the max players.

Doom 3 cvars and commands

I've posted a list of Doom 3 cvars and commands. It's in the download section, or just click here. To use the cvars/commands you will need access to the console. I recommend creating a new text file in Doom 3/base/ and renaming it "autoexec.cfg". In it put the line:

seta com_allowConsole "1"

Now you can use the tilda(~) key to access the console. You can also put any other cvars/command/scripts in autoexec.cfg and they will be loaded everytime the game starts.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

New NVIDIA Drivers and DirectX 9.0c

If you have a high-end NVIDIA card you will want these newly released versions. Forceware 61.77 for Window XP/2000 can be found here. This new version adds support for the Geforce 6800 series and DirectX 9.0c. After installing the drivers head over here for 9.0c. I played America's Army for a couple hours with these versions and all went well.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Far Cry 1.2 Patch Released *UPDATE*

Ubi has released a patch for the retail version of Far Cry. Changes include tweaks to most of the weapons, quicksave added to singleplayer, run speed increased, sprint lasts longer, a bunch of Punkbuster fixes, and lots more.
The official Far Cry site has links to the 65MB patch, and so does 3DGamers:

***UPDATE*** Ubi has now withdrawn the 1.2 patch due to "unexpected behaviour on specific hardware configurations." FileFront is still hosting the patch here.