Friday, November 26, 2004

Ahhhh, Half Life 2

I bought HL2 the day it came out, over a week ago, and I haven't even tried to play it yet. I did try Counter Strike: Source today, and it was pretty fun. The graphics were nice, but the game still seemed behind the times. No scope or iron sights on most of the weapons, just the cheesy zoom. No lean or prone. Not enough menu options, Valve could learn from Epic how to do menu options right. And I'm not a fan of buy systems for weapons, but CS:S is the most balanced buy system I've tried. CS:S is supposed to be the MP component of HL2, but HL2 does have its own MP code. You would normally have to use console commands to access it, but justbi0 combined some mods from other people into a nice package giving you menu options and a server browser. There are no servers listed, and the maps suck, but it's worth a shot. Find other HL2 mods at